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Due to Covid-19 pandemic it has been decided to cancel all fixtures in the 2020 Cheshire T&F League

Statement from the County committee;

"These are difficult times but they do not need to be hopeless. Everyone needs to be mindful of safety, especially of ‘at-risk’ groups, but that does NOT mean everything needs to shut down. Being mindful of government recommendations many activities can be performed as before, others will need to be creatively adapted. Any face-to-face competitions have been postponed and clubs meeting and training have been stopped. CCAA will help the sport in this county keep itself ready to snap back to competition as soon as that becomes possible.

- Can we hear from every member club, please, how are you managing your training? Share it on our Facebook site.
- Can we hear from people across Cheshire how their training facilities have been managed, please?


In the meantime, so long as we all observe the recommendations to stay physically apart, avoid all contact with members of vulnerable groups and wash hands and exposed clothing thoroughly and frequently, training exercises and routines can continue. The main reason we should all aim to continue training is the significant health and mental health benefits our sport delivers. Don’t lose your fitness, keep your vigorous training edge sharp and keep getting the benefit of the endorphin rushes exercise gives. You need all those things more than ever now.

1. Self-isolation does not mean stagnation.

We know of training groups whose leaders/coaches have issued their members with circuits to do. We’ve seen really good leadership videos for at-home medicine ball practices and core strength exercises being made available to their athletes. We are aware of the athletes responding with selfies and home videos of them doing the exercises and sharing them as motivation to the others in the group.

So tell us about your self-isolation experience. Share with us here the pictures and videos so others can enjoy them. We look forward to it all!

2. Social distancing does not just mean ‘indoors’.

So long as safety is permanently in mind, meeting with no more than one other athlete or as a family in public places like parks, open ground, beaches, dune areas, countryside areas and light woods is still possible. Just make sure you follow the EA and government safety instructions and;

Keep your own bottle of water separate;
Make sure you pile kit and clothing away from each other when discarded;
Do not get too close to each other when exercising;
Always be aware of vulnerable groups.

Tell us here where you’ve been and what you’ve done. Be creative, adapt what you do but make sure you do something.

3. Use this extra time positively.

Catch up on the wealth of online resources available to our sport. Relive Olympic Games, watch European Cup recaps, trawl the archives for video and reports of athletes from the past and not-so-distant past. Look up competition rules and refresh yourself on WADA issues, even.

Let us know on here what you’ve discovered.

Finally we recognise the challenge will be for technical events (hurdles, jumps, pole vault etc). Tell us what ideas you’ve come up with.

Most of all keep hopeful, help each other and remember this will pass.”

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