Chairman's Report for 2001


    This last year has really been a continuation of the events reported on last year. One of our main roles remains the communication with member clubs on the numerous initiatives that are being undertaken by UKA, AAAofE, Sport England, and others. Quite literally we are being bombarded with proposed changes and new initiatives. We are trying to keep you abreast of the proposals before they happen, where possible members of the county committee attend various meetings and seminars to try to keep you informed of what is going on. The newsletter and minutes of the monthly meetings have now been joined by our own county web site ( This should provide an up to date list of fixtures and results, as well as the constitution /development plan/and the latest information and contacts. Please use it if you are able to access it, and forward any comments etc. to the web master (Ashley Pritchard) or any of the committee

    We have hosted the usual county events during the year, all have been successful and run without loss Financially we are sound and have an adequate stock of medals, and county vests, as well as procuring walkie-talkies, and setting up the web site; all actioned during the year.

    We will continue to try to plan ahead especially for our championship events, setting the dates before the start of each new year. Therefore we need to start hearing from clubs who want to host county meetings in 2003.


    During 2001 we had several consultation sessions before agreeing a County Development Plan. The 3 main planks of this plan, which in essence is how to achieve the objectives of the county constitution, are:

1)   To increase the level and standard of athletics performance in tile county,

2)   Improve the quality and number of volunteers administering athletics in the county,

3)   Provision of effective communication to clubs/ schools and other assoc.

It is important now that we focus on the detail of this plan and measure ourselves annually against it. We have started to implement it, and 2002 should see some significant progress.


    Separately John Driscoll and I have updated the county constitution in line with the NofEAA and with your approval this can be agreed at the AGM.


    Finally my thanks to the continued enthusiasm of the volunteers who make up the county committee, and may I again extend an invitation for you to contribute to the successful running of the association.

Bob Lynch 22nd  Jan 2002.


Chairman's Report for 2002


This is my third and last year as chairman, and I am pleased to report that the county

is in a stable  situation. We have attempted to become more action orientated, planning ahead for all our county competitions, and attempting to keep member clubs informed of what is taking place.

We produced a county development plan, and have reviewed ourselves against it, remembering of course that it is a three year programme and things may need to be changed. It has three main points. Increase the level and standard of performance of both athletes and secondly officials and volunteers in administering our sport. Thirdly to improve our quality of communication to both you the clubs and the schools.

Some progress has been made. All our competitions have been well attended with no loss in numbers or revenue; but with no substantial improvements in participation either. We must remember our sport continues to vie with an increasing number of outside interests, and that analysis of a range of sports, shows a significant drop-out  rate by all young people. Equally, the percentage of veteran competitors in road and XC continues to climb, and the number of unattached runners, remains too high.

Some of our objectives of hosting regional events must be viewed in the longer term, as dates have already been set in some cases two years ahead.

We have tried hard to improve our quality of communication with you the clubs, through our meeting minutes, a monthly newsletter, and our county web site: the latter in my humble opinion has been a real success. Credit must go to our web master,

Ashley Pritchard, but if you have not used it and its links, then I recommend you to do so; on -  However, our ability to elicit  responses from you the clubs on certain matters remains poor.

Road running should hopefully  show an upturn in 2003 with the introduction of the club based road race series, and 15 of the 31 county clubs registered for the series.

On the coaching and officials' front, we have continued to publicise the UKA and Sport Coach UK  events, with a number of clubs taking advantage of them. We spent some time sorting out the conflicting messages coming from UKA about insurance cover for both officials and non synthetic track surfaces for training and competition. We also held two risk assessment courses mainly for officials at T&F meetings, and we plan to hold at least one more this year.

So as I hand on the baton, my advice is to continue to strive to increase the level of participation; for us to plan ahead, and  to redouble our effort in communicating with you at club and school level.

If you have a view, then let us know, and by the way there is always a welcome for you at the monthly meetings, and even vacancies for chair, vice chair, and for a new secretary.  

Finally my thanks again to everybody connected with the association, in making things happen. Without you  athletics would decline rapidly in the county.             

                Bob Lynch 21st Jan 2003    (Tel/fax 01625 829229)   

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