The objectives as laid out in the 1992 constitution remain the same. The development plan should embody how we intend to achieve the objectives. After a number of discussions, including seeking member’s views; we have distilled the following three areas for specific attention by the association over the next 3 years. This in no way cuts across the normal running of the association, and does not preclude a change of emphasis if agreed necessary.

1. Increase the level and standard of athletics performance in Cheshire.

a) At the county T & F champs, encourage entries from schools, by sending details of competition directly to schools P.E. departments. This applies both to the individual champs and the county relays.
b) Multi- events. Seek to incorporate the county champs into the NW schools event and include the seniors events at the same time. If this is not acceptable, reintroduce the NW clubs event.
c) Road Races. Continue to put on N W county road relays. However also separately put on a county 10K championship race.
d) Seek to host the inter counties T & F meeting in Cheshire in 2003.
e) Host the Northern XC champs for Ladies and Men in 2004
f) Persuade the N.of E.A.A. to organise a NW track & field championships for Junior/Senior Men &Ladies. This could be as well / or instead of county championships for these age groups. Seek to host such an event

2. Improve the Quality and Numbers of people Administering Athletics in Cheshire.

a) Put on coaching clinics/ event specific at various venues within the county
b) Hold officials courses on an annual basis at a designated time each spring.
c) Seek to provide a forum (at least) annually where Cheshire coaches and officials can meet to discus developments and any changes they may wish to see happen.
d) Tap in to the UKA policy and support teams working parties to ensure the county is kept abreast of proposed changes, and can also lobby UKA on behalf of the county clubs.
e) Hold coaching courses in conjunction with the NW regional development officer that meet the specific needs of the counties clubs. Incorporate modules that meet the needs of developing coaches again on an annual basis. Ensure that all coaches are aware of courses run by UK Sports Coach (old NCF) and other approved bodies.
f) Provide professional support for all county athletic facilities, through the use of our facilities officer, and other senior officials. Ensure that clubs / facility managers / coaches / athletes are conversant with codes of practice in relation to hosting events.

3.Provide effective communication to Clubs/ Schools/Other Associations.

a) Establish named contacts with individual schools/local development officers who are local to clubs. Attempt to promote athletics as a key sport by embarking on joint initiatives (Sports days, coaching, Indoor sportshall athletics, selection and promotion of youth games, links with active sports initiatives, road & XC events
b) Continue to develop the county monthly News letter to provide more effective links with clubs
c) Publish the updated version of the County Handbook on a bi-annual basis.
d) Provide a county web-site. Appoint a web master (perhaps based on an honorarium)
e) Have a person responsible for providing articles/ photographs of all county promoted events, thro' local 
newspapers. Again make use of current technology with web links / digital photography.

Bob Lynch (CCAA Chairman)    7/9/2001