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Ray Bishop

Ray Bishop, a former Secretary and Chairman and Life Vice President of our Association died on 5.7.02 at the age of 85.He had spent over 70 years in athletics. He started in Exeter in 1934 moving to Cardiff, Oxford, Cheadle & Gatley AC, Liverpool H and finally Southport AC of which he was a founder member and virtually ran for 20 years. He was President of Southport Waterloo, as it now is, and was giving support to the club on the previous weekend at Wavertree. He was also at one time Secretary of Oxfordshire County. A truly extraordinary career.


Risk Assessment Courses

Courses are to be arranged in Cheshire on risk assessment for Track and Field

Officials. Anyone interested please let Joe Shellhorn know (Tel 01244 6791960).


Cheshire Cross Country League

This Newsletter has twice appealed for volunteers to fill the roles of Secretary and

Treasurer. Up to now there have been no takers. Without the Officers there will not be

a League next Winter. Will you please make this clear to your colleagues?


Cheshire Half Marathon 2003

This will be incorporated in the Wilmslow Half Marathon on 23.3.03.


Cheshire County and Invitation Track Relays

These were held at Crewe this year on Sunday, 14.7.02.This was the first time it was held as a day event, previously it was always staged on 2 evenings in June/July. This year we were blessed with excellent weather. The number of team entries was 150 which was remarkable exactly the same as the combined number for the two events last year.

We await feedback from the clubs to see where their preferences lie. Please let us have your views one way or the other.


Cheshire Junior Multi Events at Macclesfield on 15.9.02

A 2000m S/C for Ladies will be incorporated in this Meeting. Entry forms are already out. An entry slip for this event is available on our web site:


BJ Warren,Tel :01928 732529,



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