Cheshire Fell Race at Cilcain on 3.11.02 (Incorporated in the Clwydian Hills Race)

Results: Men 1. Malcolm Fowler (Pennine) 1:24:43 (1st overall)  Women 1.Celia Mills (Kenilworth)1:45:03 (2nd woman overall)
2. Tom McGaff 1:24:58 (3rd overall)                                                 2. Kate Ayres (Wilmslow)1:51:11
3. Neil Ashcroft (Ambleside)  1:26:41 (6th overall)                            (only 2 Cheshire women entered)
0 50 1. Tony Hulme (Pennine)                                                          0 35 1. Kate Ayres

0 40 1. Tom McGaff

Next year's event will be staged on 2.11.03.

Team Realrunner This club which in an intemet based club is listed under Cheshire because the original secretary worked in Cheshire (he lived in Derbyshire). The current secretary lives in Lancashire. Their advertising literature tells us that they are taking the athletics world by storm and are hoping to become the biggest athletics club on the planet!

Future County Meetings December, Wed. 11th January, Wed. 21d February, Wed. 12th. This will be our AGM. Please give some thought to any matters which you may wish to raise there.

Charitable Status and Treasury Tax Breaks for Sports Clubs Andy Paul, of UKA, will soon be issuing a definitive statement on this subject to all clubs. It is a complex area.

NW Road Relays The County has agreed that Cheshire will continue to participate in this event. Next year the host will be Merseyside on 20.9.03. The following year it will be Cheshire.

Road Race Grand Prix 7 replies have been received to the invitation to participate. Those who have not replied will receive another invitation.

-Unattached Runners The number of unattached runners appears to be on the increase. The Committee would like race organisers to try to persuade such athletes to join a club if possible.

Cheshire Track Relays The Committee has agreed that next year the Track Relays, once again, will be staged as a one day event and will be at Warrington on 13.7.03.

Sport England website This website addresses the health agenda.

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