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Successes at North of England Championships

Cheshire athletes won a number of medals at the recent North of England Track and Field championships.  The Juniors (that is the Under 20, 17 and 15 age groups) competed at Wavertree, Liverpool on May (24/25th), while the Seniors were at the Longford Stadium, Trafford on June 21st.

Junior titles were won by Clare Neve (Trafford) in the Pole Vault and Nicola Gore (West Cheshire) in the Discus, as well as silver in the Shot Put..  Other second places in Junior events were won by Seonaid Murray (Macclesfield) in the 400m Hurdles and Elizabeth Carter (Vale Royal) in the 1500m, in which event Laura Bestow (West Cheshire) won a bronze medal.

In the Under 17 age group, William Lowndes (Liverpool H) won both the Shot Put and Discus as well as gaining a bronze in the Hammer.  Other winners in this age group were Craig France (Liverpool H) in the 100m Hurdles and Becky Ellis (Vale Royal) in the 1500m.  Bronze medals were won by Carly Smith (Macclesfield) in the Javelin and by Samantha Appleby (West Cheshire) in the 300m.

At Under 15 level, Hayley Jones (Crewe & Nantwich) won the 100m and was second in the 200m.  Bronze medals were won by Louise Burton (Macclesfield) in the Shot and Javelin and by James Callaghan (West Cheshire) in the Discus and Hammer, while Laura Lambert (Vale Royal) was third in the 800m.

In the North of England senior 10,000m, held in with Trafford GP meeting on 20 May, Bashir Hussain (Stockport) was second.  In the rest of the senior championships in June, Cheshire athletes gained 2 bronze medals due to John Nicholls (Sale) in the Shot and Dave McKay (West Cheshire) in the Javelin.  Mention should also be made of Roger Bate (Trafford), a “young” senior,  for his 4th place in the Hammer and 5th in the Discus.

Congratulations to all.  Did Cheshire athletes gain more medals than previously?  If so, did the local nature of the championships this year (although the Juniors were due to have been held in Leeds) encourage more Cheshire athletes to enter?


Senior Inter-county Championships.

Bedford, 25/26 May

A medal success for a Cheshire athlete, when Kate Dennison (City of Stoke) was second in the ladies Pole Vault, only after a jump-off for first place.


Cheshire Road Running Grand Prix.

A reminder that the final event in this year’s County GP series is the Birchwood 10K on August 17th, which also doubles up as the Cheshire 10K championships (for individuals).

Adrian Thiemicke’s request for ideas, comments, events for next year’s grand prix series assuming the Cheshire clubs want one has so far produced no reponse!.  We discussed this at our last committee meeting and agreed to support the idea of running the event again in 2004 as those clubs which took part appear to have enjoyed the competition - but it would be good to hear from you!!. Adrian can be contacted on :


Health & Safety Workshop (Track & Field).

The Health and Safety workshop at Warrington on 4 June appeared to be successful.  We are thinking about another one, probably at Crewe, in September or October.  Watch this space!


UKA Coaching Courses :

Level 1 :

21/09/03 at St Helens

15/11/03 at Sportscity, Manchester

17/01/04 in North Manchester


Children in Athletics :

28/09/03 at Warrington (Victoria Park)

16/11/03 at Sportscity (Manchester)

18/01/04 in North Manchester


Level 2 (Core) :

13/14 September at St Helens

06/07 December at Sportscity (Manchester)

21/22 February 04 at Sportscity (Manchester)


Level 2 (Event Specific) :

10/11 Jan 04 at St Helens

24/25 April 04 at Sportscity (Manchester)


Fitness in Running and Walking :

19 July at Macclesfield.


In all cases contact Tony Airnes for an application form on 01253 358168 or  It is essential to book as early as possible as courses will be cancelled if there are insufficient bookings.  That is, do not leave it to the last moment as though you were entering an athletics event!!



Cheshire Championships.

Forthcoming Cheshire Championships are :


Track Relays at Warrington on Sunday 13 July - entries close 4 the July.

10K Road Running at Birchwood, nr Warrington on Sunday 17 August - entry forms are out (Spectrum Striders), individual self entry.

Junior Multi-Events at Macclesfield on Sunday 14 September.  Entry forms have now been sent out.

North West Road Relays (which normally incorporate our County Championships)- we believe these will be held on Saturday, September 20th at Sefton Park, Liverpool - but we have had no details as yet.  Cheshire are due to organise this event in 2004.

Probable Fell Running Championship at Cilcain near Mold (North Wales) on Sunday, 2nd November - details later.

Cross Country Championships (SATURDAY, 3rd January 2004) are being planned for the Knights Grange sports facility, Winsford with the assistance of Vale Royal AC and Vale Royal BC.  Details later, but please note the proposed day.

Please also note that a radically new date has been proposed for the Inter-county Cross Country championships - namely 6 March 2004, venue not stated.


North of England Matters.

All Club secretaries will recently have received a letter from the Chairman, Mrs Pat Green and a position statement on the Future of Athletics in the North of England.  Please do not put it in the recycling bin (or incinerator).  Read it; think about it; draw your own conclusions and send them to the North of England office as requested.  Decide what you wish to see for the structure in the North and the one which will work best for athletes and athletics.

The Cheshire County committee will discuss the matter at the next committee meeting (July 23) to identify if we have a collective view on this subject.  If you wish to come and add to the debate, you are welcome.  Wearing my Chairman’s hat, I feel it is unlikely we will agree a common view.  If that proves to be the case, it is even more important that clubs (or even individuals) put their views forward to the North of England.


Regional and National Events in Cheshire.

Under the previous County Chairman, Bob Lynch, a development plan was drawn up and agreed for the County.  One of the Action Points in the plan is to hold Regional and National events in the County.  On September 27th the North of England Mens 6 stage and Womens 4 stage Senior Road Relays will be staged at Risley, hosted by a Cheshire club - Spectrum Striders.  Hopefully Cheshire Clubs will support this event both by entering teams and offering help to Spectrum Striders probably to assist in marshalling.  In recent years very few Cheshire Clubs have bothered to enter teams in this event, despite twice in the last 4 years the event being in Liverpool- and road running is supposed to be the largest sector of our sport.

Cheshire clubs have staged a number of other regional and national events in the last 10 years - Wilmslow RC have held a number of championship events in their half-marathon, culminating this year in getting the lot - UKA, AAA of England, Inter Counties and our own County Championships.  Spectrum Striders have twice held the North’s Inter-area road running match in their Birchwood 10K in August when teams from each of the 3 English regions, Wales and Scotland usually take part.  CEPAC staged the North of England Womens CC championships in Chester in 1995 or 6, when the womens event was held on a separate day to the mens championship.  And going even further back to 1984 or 5, Cheshire through George Bunner, staged the NCAA Northern mens 12 stage road relay at Oulton Park on a completely traffic-free course.  We have yet to put on a Northern track and field championships in Cheshire- but with Macclesfield and Warrington we have 2 venues capable of holding such a meeting - the North of England Inter-counties? - an event sadly lacking from the calendar this season.


Moving Clubs - “First Claims”.

A problem which surfaces rather frequently concerns athletes who move from one club to another and are then rather surprised to find they can not compete immediately for their new club in Team competition.

Admittedly the Rules (see Rules for Competition 5 and 6) are complex, particularly as one sentence contains 84 words!  Some points though.  Under 13 and 15 athletes can change club once in each age group with no penalty, but this change MUST be registered with the North of England Eligibility Secretary.  In all other changes of club, a period of 6 months qualification is required to compete in TEAM competition for your new club.  An athlete can apply for the 6 month period to be reduced.  In all cases the North of Engalnd must be notified.  All club secretaries/membership secretaries have been supplied with appropriate forms by the North of England office in Leeds.  The sooner forms are completed and sent in, the sooner that athlete can become eligible for team competition.


New Club Secretaries :

Crewe & Nantwich AC : Andy Jones, 34 Hughes Drive, Crewe  CW2 7UA (Tel : 01270 589470; e-mail :

In the last Newsletter I got the new name for an Ellesmere Port based club slightly wrong.  Their correct name is Ellesmere Port Running Club.


Please ensure the County Secretary is informed immediately there is a change of Secretary in your Club, League or Association.


Communications - your HELP, we still need it!

Repeating yet again our plea in previous Newsletters, we are currently attempting to build up e-mail contacts for each Cheshire club, League and Association so that we can rapidly, effectively keep you more informed at lower cost to the Association.

At present we have e-mail contacts for less than half of the Cheshire clubs, and so far there has been only a very small response to our plea from those clubs who receive this by post.

We would ask those who do receive the Newsletter electronically to “send” it on to their contacts in their club and/or put a paper copy on your Club notice board.


Next County committee meetings : 23 July and 10 September at the Community Centre, Fluin Lane, Frodsham at 7:30pm - hopefully we will see some new faces at them.  Please note we do not have a meeting in August.


We aim to produce the Newsletter on an approximately monthly basis - after committee meetings.  If you have anything which you would like to see in the Newsletter, or if you would like an e-mailed copy, please contact the Editor - John Driscoll (0151 339 5341 or, preferably,

Any views expressed in this Newsletter are not necessarily those of the Cheshire County AA.



Remember to look at the Cheshire County AA web-site for latest news and information :