Cheshire Track & Field League Results Programme I Multi-Events Results Programmes


The Race Result Programme is a Microsoft Excel workbook

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Features of the programme

-Declare and record results for 1500 athletes (note: contact me if more needed)

-Top 3 individual awards calculated for U13, U15, U17, U18, U20, Senior, M/W35, 40,45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70 and 75 (womens category label configurable as W, L or F)

-Calculation of category positions

-Top 3 team awards calculated for senior and masters teams of up to 8 athletes

-Indicator of when results page is complete

-Print individual results pages, full results, awards, result recording slips, entry slips and declarations

-Create a results file

-Athlete numbers automatically assigned sequentially from starting number to speed up declaration

-Finish time entry configured to avoid repetitive entry of the same hour or minute value

-Score sub competition within main race and print results separately

-Show athletes not yet entered on results page

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Download file

V1.4 release date   28/01/2020 - available to download in 3 formats:-

V1.4 as .zip file ~ 1.4MB

V1.4 as raw excel file ~ 5.6MB

V1.4 as raw .xlsm file ~ 1.4MB (Excel 2007+ file)

Changes from V1.36:-

References to veterans changed to masters

U13, U15, U17, U18 age group options added

Option to include/exclude sub category positions on results page printout


V1.36 release date   28/6/2016

Changes from V1.35:-

Option to configure womens category label as W, L, or F added

Option to exclude masters from individual category awards if they are in top 3 overall

Extended and additional stats on summary page


V1.35 release date   7/6/2016

Changes from V1.34:-

Correction to W awards


V1.34 release date 

Changes from V1.33:-

Correction to W team calculation



V1.33 release date    9/4/2016

Changes from V1.32:-

Age groups changed to M##/W##

Max number of athletes increased to 1500


V1.32 release date 4/9/2014

Changes from V1.31:-

M75 and W75 age category added

Awards page printing hides any empty age categories


V1.31 release date 19/11/2008

Changes from V1.3:-

Ability to print entry slips added

Range of quick keyboard shortcuts added


V1.3 release date 14/11/2007

Changes from V1.21:-

Added ability to have a sub competition within the main race

Ability to print awards & results for sub competition

Added ability to show athletes that have not been entered on the results page


V1.21 release date 3/11/2007

Changes from V1.2:-

Error corrected when 2 teams scores tie

MV65, MV70, LV65, LV70 option added

Club entry stats added to summary

Shading removed from Declarations when printing

Result printing error corrected


V1.2 release date 9/10/2007

Changes from V1.13:-

Error checking to entry of invalid number on results page

Error checking to stop duplicate number entry on declaration page

Custom menu added to right click menu and top menu

Ability to print result recording slips added

MV35 option added

Create result file option updated for Excel 2007


V1.13 release date 6/1/2006

Changes from V1.12:-

Error checking to stop duplicate number entry on results

When results link clicked cursor jumps straight to next blank result row


V1.12 release date 6/1/2006

Changes from V1.11:-

Athletes positions added to team awards list


V1.11 release date 2/1/2006

Changes from V1.1:-

Drop down list in declaration of 1st 30 clubs entered sorted alphabetically


V1.1 release date 9/11/2005

Changes from V1.0:-

Fix in Vet men team award

Change to stop Unattached showing as a team


V1.0 release date 1/9/2005


File types

The raw excel file requires no extraction or modification after download

The .zip files are compressed files to allow faster downloading.

.zip files can be extracted using Windows or third party software