Cheshire Road Race Grand Prix Results

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Cheshire County Road Race Grand Prix 2005 standings

Cheshire County Road Race Grand Prix 2005 Men's individual standings

Cheshire County Road Race Grand Prix 2005 Women's individual standings

Race 1 Four Villages 1/2 marathon Sun 23rd January 2005 Mens Results Womens Results
Race 2 Alsager 5 Sun 6th February 2005 Mens Results Womens Results
Race 3 Wilmslow 1/2 marathon Sun 20th March 2005 Mens Results Womens Results
Race 4 Chester Spring 5 Tues 5th April 2005 Mens Results Womens Results
Race 5 Christleton 5k Fri 13th May 2005 Mens Results Womens Results
Race 6 Birchwood 10k Sun 21st August 2005 Mens Results Womens Results
Race 7 Sutton 6 10K Sun 25th September 2005 Mens Results Womens Results


  1. The Cheshire County RR GP will comprise a number of open races within the county of Cheshire.
  2. Where possible, the events chosen will be across a range of distances, and spread throughout the county, and the timeframe of the GP.
  3. The GP will be administered by a Co-ordinator, whose decision in the event of any dispute will be final.
  4. Any Cheshire-based club must indicate their willingness to take part in the GP by registering, and must appoint a club rep, who will deal with eligibility queries etc.
  5. There is no fee to register for the GP.
  6. Clubs may, at the discretion of the Co-ordinator, be allowed to register at any time during the GP, but points will not be allocated retrospectively for races already completed.
  7. For 2005, the GP will comprise 7 events, with a club's best 5 scores to count.
  8. Any race chosen as part of the GP will send a supply of race entry forms to the club rep of each registered club.
  9. The GP is open only to first-claim and NoEAA-registered athletes.
  10. Once a club is registered, no special entry requirements apply. Runners just enter races as they would for any other open road race, and the GP Co-ordinator will identify eligible runners in the results supplied by the race organiser.
  11. If, after entering a GP race, a runner is unable to compete, his/her number must not be given to a club colleague. As well as being against UKA rules, it will lead to disqualification from the GP for both runners concerned.
  12. Scoring system: Points are awarded based on finishing position within the GP on the following basis:-
    (All ineligible and non-scoring runners are removed from the results first)
    Men: 100-99-98-.....-3-2-1 with 6 to score for a team
    Women: 50-49-48-.....-3-2-1 with 4 to score for a team
  13. For 2005, an individual compeition has been introduced, with 4 events to score from 7.
  14. Scoring for the individual competition is as follows:
    (Ineligible and non-scoring runners are eligible for individual points)
    Men: 100-99-98-.....-3-2-1
    Women: 50-49-48-.....-3-2-1

Registered Clubs

The following 14 clubs are now registered for the GP:-


Boalloy RC
Chester Tri
Congleton H
Ellesmere Port RC
Helsby RC
Macclesfield H
South Cheshire H
Spectrum Striders
Tattenhall Runners
Vale Royal
Warrington AC
Warrington RR
West Cheshire AC
Wilmslow RC


Any other Cheshire-affiliated clubs who wish to register can do so by contacting Adrian Thiemicke , E-mail .

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