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Can you complete any of the incomplete sets or do you have results from any years not covered?

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Cheshire Track & Field Champions

75/80/100m Long Jump 4*100m Relay
150/200m Triple Jump 4*400m Relay  Medley Relay
300/400m High Jump 3*800/4*800m Relay
600/800m Pole Vault Junior & Senior Men CBP
1200/1,500m Shot U11 - U17 Men CBP
3,000m - 10,000m Discus Junior & Senior Women CBP
Sprint Hurdles Javelin U11 - U17 Women CBP
300/400m Hurdles Hammer Relay CBP
Steeplechase Multi-events Cheshire T & F League Winners

Cheshire Cross Country & Fell Running Champions

Men Women
Men's XC League Winners Women's XC League Winners
Men Fell Running Women Fell Running

Cheshire Road Champions

Men Women
Men's Road Relays Women's Road Relays